on the edge





We love simplicity itself. The editorial “On the Edge” includes everything that minimalistic fashion story means to us. A seemingly non-essential background which in fact plays one of the most important roles in the entire scenery, natural beauty of a model and clothes enticing our imagination with shapes and uniqueness.

Stella Morais, fashion photographer and Art Director based in London, captures mind blowing movement in each single photo which as an entire editorial brings back a reflection of exclusive, intriguing fashion show. Absorbing story created by an incredibly talented team. 

If you love minimalism and simplicity as much as we do this story is for you. What is more, Stella gives us an opportunity to immerse ourselves into the unconventional modernity of “On the Edge” combining photography and videography.

Get inspired by these two complementary to each other worlds. Enjoy! 




COAT:  Xiao Li | DRESS:  Jamie Wei Huang | JACKET & TROUSERS: Sig Neigum | SHOES: Samsoe & Samsoe



JUMPSUIT: Ashley Isham | TOP & TROUSERS :Jamie Wei Huang | SHOES: Ouigal Gold



MAC cosmetics | TOP & TROUSERS: Jamie Wei Huang | SHOES: Ouigal Gold






COAT: Xiao Li | DRESS: Jamie Wei Huang | SHOES: Ouigal | JUMPSUIT: Ashley Isham



TOP & TROUSERS: Jamie Wei Huang



DRESS: Julia Clancey | JACKET: Di Liborio | SHOES: Samsoe & Samsoe | BLACK SHIRT: Jayne Pierson

WHITE DRESS: Jamie Wei Huang




Photography& Art director : Stella Morais @stellamorais_


Stylist : Georgie Stuart @georgiestuartstyling


Hairstylist : James Oxley @jamesroxley


Make up artist : Coco Hirani @coco_beanmua


Filmmaker : Michael J Diamond @michaeljdiamond


Stylist Assistant : Caroline Bierstedt @bunnyteeth13

Model : Sophie Stokes @sophiestokes3

Represented by Storm Management @stormmodels